We will help your trucking company start and remain in DOT COMPLIANCE!

FMCSA / DOT Compliance Audits

The FMCSA has a priority, and that is to keep the roads safe. This means, you must not only comply, but fully understand what keeping your company a SAFE and COMPLIANT company truly means.  You will be selected for a compliance review sooner or later, and you MUST be prepared.  Not having the appropriate documentation ready for your safety audit can literally cost you thousands.   Being attentive and implementing a proactive compliance program can help eliminate a troublesome FMCSA (DOT) audit. Our staff will help you implement this program which will help you identify problem areas before the DOT discovers them.

Driver Qualification File

We provide services to help you manage and maintain your driver qualification files. Our service ensures your files meet the applicable DOT regulations. We also provide you with continuous updates pertaining to expiration dates, renewal dates, training requirements and regulatory updates.

Alcohol/Drug Testing Consortium

One of the requirements before your company starts running loads is that you must have a drug and alcohol program in place. Working in partnership with several reputable drug testing companies, we can make sure you are set and in compliance. Consortiums will monitor and manage your drug and alcohol program for you.

FMCSA (DOT) Fine/Penalty Negotiation/Rating Upgrades

TruckerZone can provide you with the necessary guidance and resources if you have received an enforcement action or less than Satisfactory Rating notice from FMCSA. It is EXTREMELY important to understand the impact a CONDITIONAL or UNSATISFACTORY RATING can have on your company. We have the experience and knowledge to help you in these matters and to minimize the effect on your company.

If you have received a letter from the FMCSA stating you are due for a safety audit, do not panic, just let us help you prepare! If you have failed your safety audit and your safety scores are being downgraded, call us today, we want to help! We offer a free consultation and pricing will be adjusted on the complexity of each case.

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