TO ALL PERSONS, be it known, that I, _____________________________, (personal name) individually and on behalf of __________________________________________ (“COMPANY”) as Grantor, do hereby make and grant a limited power of attorney to Trucker Zone, LLC Flower Mound, TX (“TRUCKER ZONE ”) and TRUCKER ZONE employees. “TRUCKER ZONE EMPLOYEES”, and appoint and constitute said entity, TRUCKER ZONE , and individual persons, TRUCKER ZONE EMPLOYEES, as my Attorney-In-Fact, with full power and authority to sign reports and applications, to receive correspondence, to appear on behalf of and represent COMPANY in any administrative hearing or audit of the Texas Tax Commission or any other governmental entity, to pay taxes and fees on behalf of COMPANY, pertaining to fuel taxes, vehicle registrations and titles, motor carrier authorities, motor vehicle permits, road use taxes, state business registrations, state payroll withholdings, state unemployment insurance, state workers compensation insurance, Texas Secretary of State filings, any other state applications, or any other documents which pertain to the above noted matters. In the event any of the above listed TRUCKER ZONE EMPLOYEES terminate employment with TRUCKER ZONE , that individual person shall no longer be authorized to transact business for COMPANY under this limited power of attorney. The authority granted shall include such incidental acts as are reasonably required or necessary to carry out and perform the specific authorities and duties stated or contemplated herein.

COMPANY and INDIVIDUAL acknowledge this power attorney does not, in any way, relieve or absolve COMPANY or INDIVIDUAL of its duties and responsibilities under applicable law. In consideration for the duties to be performed by TRUCKER ZONE and TRUCKER ZONE EMPLOYEES under the terms of this limited power of attorney, COMPANY and INDIVIDUAL, its successors and assigns, hereby release TRUCKER ZONE and TRUCKER ZONE EMPLOYEES from all claims, disputes, causes of action and assessments that may arise as a result of an audit, investigation, proceeding, or other action taken against the COMPANY by the TEXAS Tax Commission, other governmental agency, quasi-governmental entity, person, or entity. Furthermore, if services are rendered under this power of attorney, COMPANY and INDIVIDUAL promise to pay for such services no later than 30 days of the invoice date. If fees for services rendered are not paid within 30 days, COMPANY and INDIVIDUAL may be assessed additional fees for interest, collection costs, attorney fees, and court costs, and COMPANY and INDIVIDUAL agree to pay such additional charges. This power of attorney and agreement shall continue in full force and effect until revoked by subsequent writing.

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