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Hi, The AFR Table (Fuel Aim) tells the ECU what Lambda value you want the engine to be operating at at that load point, where the VE Table tells the ECU how efficiently the engine is breathing, thus from that the ECU generates a Air Mass value. HP Tuners, the home of VCM Suite and the MPVI since 2003. 2. Ive done lots of boosted cars still running MAF and 700 whp is pretty easy to do without maxing the MAF. 1. And little changes matter, on my own truck a 2% change means the The factory programmed your late-model vehicle’s stock computer for bare bones performance, but HP Tuners unlocks the computer so you can tweak and tune for maximum performance. Full HP Tuners logging, update and tweaking abilities without the need to send your computer in to us. The MPVI2 module, combined with HP Tuners' VCM Editor and Scanner, make up the essentials of these VCM Suite packages—giving you one of the most powerful scanning, diagnostic, logging, and calibration performance tools on the market. This is going to be guide on how to use HPTuners. Long Term Fuel Trim RPM Boundaries: This table defines the RPM boundaries for the LTFT cells. You will need two things to modify the MAF table using this software - a scan and your current MAF table. Well, read on. This course will teach you a step-by-step tuning process for Gen III / Gen IV GM vehicles with the following vehicle modifications: bolt-ons The VCM Editor allows all parameters such as Spark, Fuel, RPM Limits, FAN Temps, Transmission Shift points and pressures, Speedometer settings and many, many more. Also at the top of the table display you can see the 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x tabs with these you can increase or decrease the size of the font…great for people with smaller or larger screens. Our INTENSE PCM tunes are based on our knowledge gained from working on our INTENSE 3800 Project Cars which have held many quarter mile and speed records including the first FWD and RWD 8 second 1/4 mile passes. 26 you see in the HP Tuners PE table is EQ Ratio. MAF Tuning – In Work 1. How to add/subtract fuel for Wide Open Throttle Under Power Enrichment, click EQ Ratio vs. It comes with: MPVI2 Pro Feature Set (learn more here) Pro Link (learn more here) NOTE for Pro Link: First products shipped in First Quarter 2019 will have heatshrink protecting the board Horsepower Tuners, Performance at Your Fingertips. Holley has you covered. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Additionally, we have the signal from our wideband and fuel pressure gauge wired in so we can data log them in real time with the other OBD-II parameters. “The last data sheet that was sent to me had ID’s short pulse adder table, except multiplied by 0. The answer was to turn to E85 fuel as it is a cooler-running fuel that stresses the engine less than pump gas does, and it is oxygenated so it's capable of greater power output than pump gas. I used to monitor both Barometric Pressure and Intake Manifold Pressure, then calculate the pressure ratio. This constant (or table in some PCMs) tells the PCM how long to pulse the injectors at various airflow/MAP points. [Archive]  . You probably won't get a whole lot of data above 10,000 Hz or below 2000 Hz, but get as much as you can. Figure III. The input must be linear which means it follows a straight line; y=mx+b. RPM table is used to program the air The VCM Editor allows all parameters such as Spark, Fuel, RPM Limits, FAN Temps, Transmission Shift points and pressures, Speedometer settings and many, many more. Discussion in '2nd Gen. Now enhancing these to new heights with a new feature rich VCM Editor and VCM Scanner, coupled together with the latest generation MPVI2, this is only tuning and diagnostic solution you’ll ever need for your modern OBDII vehicle. Tuning C700 to take advantage of all the mods is crucial to extract every last bit of performance out of our C7 on steroids. It divides the Stoich AFR  Apr 6, 2007 This is a discussion on a tuning guide i found based on hptuners within the The computer reverts to the low octane table when a MAF failure is Positive LTFT's indicate fuel is being added because of a lean condition. The basics of how to use the HP Tuners VCM Suite (VCM Scanner and Editor) What tables need to be changed for your tuning needs; What the common ranges are for the tables being adjusted. The engine/trans are now in my 98 TA. Changing the axis labels Thanks for choosing Fuel Injector Clinic injectors for your GM vehicle. The HP MPVI2 is universal and works with Ford, GM, Mopar, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Nissan Infiniti, Jaguar, and Landrover. ) Go do enough driving to log a variety of MAF frequencies. Of course one change in one cell can pop a $10k motor, so I plan on tweaking only silly little things at first. The airflow settings are pretty solid from the factory unless you change the diameter of your intake tube right where the MAF sensor is plugged in, or change out the cam. 7 AFR : 1 Lambda. com. Reprogram the factory computer, manually edit hundreds of performance parameters, and build custom tunes for maximum power with an HP Tuners VCM Suite MPVI package. If you choose to follow any of these How-2’s, please do so at your own risk and do one change at a time…in other words, For some of the company’s more popular applications, the Fuel Injector Clinic team did the heavy lifting and plotted this data for their entire line of injectors, along with the standard flow and offset information, into software and ECU-specific formats; such as HP Tuners for GM ECUs and Cobb Accesstuner for most Subarus. org, is the worlds largest automotive enthusiast group exclusively geared towards the General Motors GM J-car platform including the Chevrolet Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire, Pontiac Sunbird, Pontiac J 2000, Oldsmobile Firenza, Buick SkyHawk and Cadillac Cimarron. When tuning for larger injectors, don’t go messing with the Mass Air Flow (MAF) table, or this could happen. The first step in tuning your own Mustang with HP Tuners is to make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest beta release of the software. HP Tuners software is incredibly user friendly, however, there are simply too many tables to jump right in without knowing what you are doing. ) Scan tool data can be saved in two ways. So you're probably thinking, what else could there be for a professional tuner?. You do not have access to this page. There is a low octane fuel map, high octane fuel map, e85 fuel map, timing table for each map, etc. table display will look like. Ill post it when I get it fixed for EFILive. It allows you to connect to the ECU through the OBD diagnostic port underneath your steering wheel and edit the values and tables inside your ECU (also more commonly called a VCM by the HPT crew), and basically tune your car to the mods that you have. HP Tuners MPVI2 and Pro Feature Set with Pro Link This package gives you the latest in HP Tuners technology. They are older model, medium-style set up injectors with EV6 connections. How the Direct Injection fuel system works; The proper order of tuning, to include Airflow, Fuel, Spark, Torque and more. HP Tuners positively kicks ass! Its 2 credits per car at 50 bucks a credit. 5:1 which is a little on the rich side for peak power, but rich is safe and I didn't want to tune it to 10/10ths. HP Tuners GM Gen III part 6 takes a look at the first step in our tuning process; programming the fuel injector characterization data. Using the “Maths” section supplied by HP Tuners, you can see that I have created custom PIDs which record Short Term Fuel Trims for Bank 1 and another for Bank 2 – in relation to the calculated Pressure Do this after the VE table has been corrected. 7 fuel consumption a little. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also like that HP Tuners supports a lot of different cars - not sure if SCT does or not - but the entrance fee into HP Tuners is less than a Bama tune, yet infinitely customizable. 4 Powerstroke tuners on the market today. Using HP Tuners Vers 3. The J-Body Organization, j-body. leaner cruising mixtures to improve fuel economy. Edited August 20, 2009 by Galen HP tuners MPVI 2 + VCM Suite . I am finding that my car pulls hard when my air/fuel ratio is in the 12. They have an excellent spray pattern and meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s quality standards. I have an issue where my acceleration & cruise fueling overlap, so when I'm accelerating, every time my TH350 shifts, I get a lean spike and it falls on its face, then CL comp kicks in and it goes rich. HP Tuners MPVI2 VCM Suite Standard. Over the years, fellow tuners have made files to help others setup tables in HP Tuners and they can be difficult to find. I am using a base 00' Camaro tune since that is the car it is for, and modifying it. 622", 112 LSA using HP Tuners. LTFT: stands for Long Term Fuel Trim. HpTuners MAF Fail for VE tuning with LTFTs on stock O2s Hp Tuners Demo Engine Tuning 101 - Part 2 - Knock, Fuel Trims, MAP, MAF How to tune your VE table - Duration: 14:17 Gen III - Speed Density VE Table and MAF Tuning Instructions with a Wideband O2 Sensor Create by 69lt1bird – Jeff Anderson 1 These instructions are written for the beginner and intermediate user of HP Tuners How to use HPTuners. 1 That can be huge! and make you engine lazy rich at WOT Example: If you tuned your PE table to say 12. 6 range but ultimately, you should see what gets you the most power by hitting a dyno or the track. This table adds fuel based on your base afr vs ECT table afr. Shady business needs to be called out in it. I set this entire table to . access to all the necessary fuel tables, such as Commanded Stoich, and  Oct 16, 2011 Tuning your fuel trims with HPTuners will not only reduce your idle surge to find out what to multiply the correct section of the MAF chart by. HP Tuners for 2005-2015. The seconds that are present in the table are so that you can add more fuel (if you wish) the longer you stay within PE mode under a certain rpm load. HP Tuners How-To's Tuning and Dyno. ” and finally “It’s about ethics. Please visit HP Tuners site at link below to verify your vehicle is supported and how many credits are needed. The numbers in grey going across the top are your throttle position, while the left top 3 coloumns are your upshifts, and the bottom 3 are the downshifts. x VCM Software. HP Tuners MPVI2 Standard Base Unit no Credits GM Dodge Ford Credits 1997-20 18+. Starlite Diesel offers you the HP Tuners VCM Suite, the only tuning tool you’ll ever need for your newer GM, Ford and Dodge car or truck. I am still registered over on LS1GTO. It refers to the ratio of air to fuel in an internal combustion engine. hey guys i need some much needed help for some reason my truck started this pulsing thing in the dash bord and the lighting inside the truck, im trying to figure what it could be i changed the altinator and its still doing it i checked the batter and its fine. IDLE TUNING The following is a collection of idle tuning notes, tips ‘n tricks and How-2’s for idle tuning a big cam (or any cam for that matter) that I used when dialing in my 248/254, . 0114. In any case, i'll try to monitor this thread and answer any questions you might have. These Fuel Injector Clinic 58lb injectors flow 58 lb/hr at 58 psi of fuel pressure. HP Tuners MPVI2 Pro w/ 2 universal GM Dodge Ford Credits 1997-2018+. 95. The HP Tuners crew wanted more power, and they wanted it more reliably. 5 AFR-- With adding 4% LTFT will make you end up with a horribly rich 12. While very simple, its vital to enter the correct data into our calibration file so at the most basic level the GM ecu can turn its calculated fuel mass into the What can an INTENSE PCM/HP Tuners package do for you?. 7-13. A few problems. i also tryed taking of the power wire that comes from the altinator and it went away then i put it back on and it came back. It will not allow you to put a negative number, therefore it does NOT allow you to add fuel to your tune. 615"/. The HP Tuners VCM Suite will usually ship within one business day of your order! Binaries are normally emailed the same day we receive your stock binary. Here is my list of the five best 6. In the native HP Tuners file format, or by exporting the data to a comma separated file. The Power Enrichment Fuel Multiplier vs. I am using Bosch 39lb/hour fuel injectors which are obviously larger than stock. This is fine if "good" is good enough. . I tuned it, it is SD tuned and the maf as been calibrated also. Each set of injectors come with our copy/paste data for IFR table, add fuel, probably not much Spark table, advance/retard AFR table, get ratio right, with more air it will be lean VE table, smooth it to get FT in ballpark MAF table, scale it up to get FT in ballpark Did you look on the HP Tuners forum? GranTurismoOmologato You can see here that HP Tuners interface allows a laptop to plug right into the OBD-II port of the vehicle. Okay, needs some guidance. NOTE: When purchasing credits, make sure you're aware of the amount you need to tune your vehicle. HP Tuners GM Gen III part 10 takes a look at the other fuel tables within our Gen III calibration file. I'm mostly frustrated because I can't get scanning to behave, and without scanning, I can't sort the tune on the car. I have used this to keep me on track when tuning, and it certainly is a good document to start learning how to tune. It contains copy and paste for; B3701 Injector Pulse width Voltage Adjustment B4001 Injector Flow Rate B4003 Minimum Injector Pulse Width B4005 Small Pulse Adjust LS1 Tuning Explained - Why they gain so much from just a tune. Add vs RPM- This table is used to add fuel based on RPM when in power enrichment mode. The data is cut-and-paste compatible with HP-Tuners, but can also be reformatted for EFI-Live, SCT, and other popular tuning platforms. WOT fuel ratio is set to around 12. For GM, pre 2017 require only 2 credits, but 2017+ require 4 credits and if an auto, also require the TCM to be removed and sent in to HP Tuners to unlock. Welcome to LS1 Tuning Guide. When the tables are adjusted, the settings are saved and uploaded to the Currently, HP Tuners' latest tuning utility is VCM Suite 2. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 0 at WOT You always shoot at having your LTFT's at "0" or slightly negative---A negative fuel trim will always lock on "0" at PE or WOT---The ECM will never remove fuel at Oh yea, I bought HP Tuners to tune my 04 GTO that I ended up totaling out. ) Make sure you log Dynamic Airflow vs MAF Frequency (Hz) In HP Tuners it is measured in lb/min so we will have to convert this later for the MAF table (g/sec). com, but never have a reason to visit over there any more. The engine tuning is the "easy" side of it, in my opinion. All HP Tuners Standard, Pro and Scanner devices been superseded by the MPVI2 (HP6011, HP6021, HP6012, HP6022, HP6013, HP6014, HP6023) DOES NOT COME WITH HP TUNER CREDITS - HP TUNERS CREDITS WILL NEED TO BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY. Please contact customer service for further details on accessing this password protected section. Closed Loop Fueling. The different parameters, how to make changes, what effects happen when making changes, and how to make custom PIDs and log sensors through the scanner. Both air and fuel are required for a BANG or explosion of power in the cylinder and if the correct amount of air is provide to completely burn all the fuel, then this is ratio is known as the Stoichiometric ratio, which is normally 14. And most of the info found on line is for the older 2. 97. Tacomas (2005-2015) but the main fueling is done through the Power Enrichment table under Fuel/PowerEnrich. Fig III. RPM. The way to correct the problem is to edit your VE and Maf table to allow your PCM not add/remove fuel to maintain A/F 11. The editor provides an easy to use graphical interface and many powerful table manipulation capabilities such as copying, scaling and shifting to name a few. First, some background information on how the Subaru ECU controls Air-to-Fuel Ratio at low load (idle, low throttle, cruising) where AFR is kept at ~14. I have posted them here, on my site, and I will add more as they become available for you to use for free. I actually did not change any base fueling or timing tables so fuel and timing should still be as safe as stock although there is probably some HP to be gained with those tables. This costs $199 as well plus freight each way: HP TUNERS 6021 VCM Editors Flash utility allows the user to read the VCM/PCM flash memory and save it to a binary file. DW is an injector  HPTUNERS MPVI2 TUNING SOFTWARE TUNING SCANNING SOFTWARE, a fully featured OBD-II scanning and diagnostic tool that allows you to view, chart, Command control functions like closed loop, fans, gear select, timing, air fuel  Oct 30, 2012 The first step in tuning your own Mustang with HP Tuners is to make sure you The Load with failed MAF tables are very important to the fuel  Results 1 - 10 of 59 Unlock your vehicle's factory computer with HP Tuners. [Archive] VE Table in HP Tuners Tuning/Dyno Results. However, there are many do’s, don’ts, and rules of thumb that can be frustrating to learn the hard way. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for HP Tuners 6021 Pro VCM Suite - GM at Amazon. Since 2001 INTENSE has brought PCM Tuning to the late model GM FWD community. Mike The VCM Editor allows all parameters such as Spark, Fuel, RPM Limits, FAN Temps, Transmission Shift points and pressures, Speedometer settings and many, many more. The Learn Table modifies the Base Fuel Table by applying its Learned amount to the Base Fuel Table values. Fuel Injector Constant. In VCM Editor go to Engine -> Fuel Control -> Open Loop & Closed Loop, and set LTFT to disabled: Set the target air/fuel ratio to 1 (stoich, which is 14. Add vs RPM-This table is used to add fuel based on RPM when in power enrichment mode. The values in this table are Equivalence Ratio's (Fuel/Air multipliers or AFR divisors) ie. 7:1 HP Tuners Pro VCM Suite with 8 GM Credits #6021 Fuel, RPM Limits, FAN Temps, Transmission Shift points and pressures, Speedometer settings and many, many more Now, if you want to add more power, more torque, more fuel efficiency and anything else are that starts with the word “more,” then you will need a tuner. Sounds like a plan. The tuners challenge is that air fuel mixtures Table Modifier - HP Tuner Specific Information. In the HP Tuners reflash software, for example, there are fuel injector tables that act as a global scaling multiplier, which allows for a single table to make large adjustments in fueling across the board,” von Holten explains. It lays out information in a very easy to read display with all of the parameters that we need to look into. To get access to the beta you should email HP Tuners tech support email and they will add it to your customer area so that you can download it. Beginning GM Tuning using HP Tuners Software [The Tuning School] on Amazon. Changing the fuel pressure on an EFI System is an effective method of affecting engine performance and making more power. Just click on the tabs within to locate the needed parameter. Another “data sheet” was just injector data from LS9 injectors. The tabled injector data provided in the excel sheet that you can download by following the link on the right are customized to be used by HP Tuners software in the OE GM ECU’s. Detach the factory computer from the injectors (it'll still think it's controlling them) but run them with the MS instead. I see HP Tuners as an HP's latest HP Tuners offers performance solutions at your fingertips with their VCM Suite MPVI2 Credit Standard Packages. Power Enrichment Table One of the HP Tuners VCM Suite’s main tables is “Power Enrichment” in the engine tab. No editor package can be considered Buy HP Tuners MPVI2 With VCM Suite Software for Universal Gas & Diesel at Alligator Performance Table smoothing; timing, air fuel ratio and so more all in I found an actual spreadsheet on HP Tuners forums, although their X and Y axis is reversed, but thats easily fixed with a few clicks in Excel. As you can see when you hover over a specific tab a brief description will come up at the bottom of your screen explaining what it is & its limits. You can also adjust the data set itself if you want to leave the axis labels alone. I am used to working with Tuner Studio (Megasquirt) and it is like elementary school compared to HP tuners. Although it is not strictly a VE table in the traditional sense, it is displayed in % for convenience. Advanced Tips for EFI Tuning with Fuel Pressure. I'm trying to figure out how you "reset fuel trims" so that I can see the change impact of adjusting the VE Tables. Once you go Open Loop / full throttle, your car will command the Air/Fuel Ratios in the FA Power Enrich table + the stoich value above. With HP Tuners, you can click on the torque axis of a table and open the labels, allowing you to just divide those labels by 2 and properly adjust the table by 50% (shown below). As wonderful as that sounds, once you open up the software it is immediately apparent that it isn’t as simple as adding or subtracting a little timing and a few percent of fuel. The VCM Editor allows all parameters such as Spark, Fuel, RPM Limits, FAN Temps, Transmission Shift points and pressures, Speedometer settings and many, many more. HP EFI ECU and harness kits are designed to be used with popular factory EFI engines as an alternative to the factory ECU and harness or as a replacement for your C950 ECU. Individual cylinder fuel trim; if one side of the engine's BLMs is around the same amount lower or higher than the other, or valve timing is affected (cam). It sees 109 at the highest point in the 100kpa column and it is inline with the torque curve. Fuel sys, System, Speedo) and the tab containing all parameters for that Key word will come up. Here is how to export the tables from HP Tuner, import them in to the Table Modifier, and then re-import them in to your current VCM file Even after the changes below, a/f hovered right around 11. Use in your IFR table The VCM Editor allows all parameters such as Spark, Fuel, RPM Limits, FAN Temps, Transmission Shift points and pressures, Speedometer settings and many, many more. Table smoothing; fans, gear select, timing, air fuel ratio and so more all in real time. Re: LS1 Edit or HP Tuners Yes, when I talk about piggybacking, I'm talking about using something like a Megasquirt to do the fuel control. But it isn't, so it simply won't do. To accomplish this task we chose AEM Performance Electronic’s all-new UEGO wideband air/fuel ratio gauge christened the X-Series OBDII Wideband AFR Controller Gauge and HP Tuners VCM Suite. Hey guys, Chris here from HP Tuners, we're in process of trying to sponsor this forum so hopefully my posts won't be frowned upon. world of scaling requirements for the transmission. 1 below is a chart display from the HP Tuners data collection scan tool. Calculate horsepower based on injector size. This is the main table that is used to tune WOT fuel for post 1999 V8 engines. Plus, you can view, chart, and log data in real-time with any VCM Suite MPVI  Mar 30, 2017 If sufficient fuel isn't added as RPM and boost increase, the engine runs lean, . They do have a 3 BAR SD upgrade you can buy into for huge HP. You can see here that HP Tuners interface allows a laptop to plug right into the OBD-II port of the vehicle. 24 version. Re: HP Tuners for Dummies Transmission Auto shift speed Part throttle shift, Normal-This table is used for part throttle shift parameters. The VCM Suite has certain features that a professional tuner may find more useful. Add an AEM X-Series OBDII Gauge at a Discount! Appropriate number of credits are needed to use tool. If we have done our job properly entering the correct fuel injector data and calibrating our MAF/VE tables many of the additional tables require little to no editing. “When people first started to tune at this level they just left the stock values in those individual injector Thanks for choosing Fuel Injector Clinic injectors for your GM vehicle. Here is a simple spreadsheet we use in house to calibrate anything we plan on logging with HPtuners EIO. LS1 Fuel Injector scaling for changing injectors. The HP allows you to accurately control the fuel and ignition of your engine along with additional controls for nitrous, boost or water meth. This simple spreadsheet will help you calibrate a wideband, fuel pressure gauge, etc. The Flash utility allows a valid calibration to be written to the VCM/PCM and also incorporates an automatic VCM/PCM recovery capabilities for ultimate protection against any reflashing problems that may be encountered. Spark Control Main spark advance What is HP Tuners? HP Tuners is an ECU tuning device. If you can't see the offset verses injector tip temperature table in your version of VCM Editor, make sure you update to the latest version as soon as possible. This is no longer necessary. 62857 for this particular vehicle). This Injector Rx “Calculate horsepower based on injector size” calculator will allow you to calculate how much horsepower or KW a specific fuel injector can support. . Right now, if the car is off, it scans fine, but as soon as the car is running, it "stutters" during the scan. Once you hit the connect tab it should show you the actual max bytes that you can scan. What does HP Tuners cost? . The Scanner histograms are laid out to reflect the actual VE table using MAP and This is the VCM's ability to make needed corrections over time to the Air Fuel  Open the Table portion to set up your PIDs; The default config is a good starting point, from there just add: Wideband Input ie LM1, LC1, PLX, etc… Air Fuel Ratio   MAP (Alcohol): Flexible Fuel Capable calibrations only. 3 from the factory (you need to pay attention to the alcohol PE EQ ratio tables since your truck is flex fuel). The reason why, is so the ECU doesn't need to repeat the entire modification to the Base Fuel Table (if the O2 Compensation was limited), every time it returns to idle or any other area for that matter. The voltage offset table was the exact same as ID’s, except multiplied by 0. values greater than one are richer, values less than one are leaner. If you have any urgent issues relating to use of our product please create a ticket and i'll get on it. Lambda Tuning and Air Fuel Ratio refers to the same unit function. A. Since we're tuning the VE table first, we need to make sure the SES light won't come on due to a failed MAF condition being detected. This table is used to determine the commanded AFR when in open loop mode. Adjusting Main VE Table, When and By How Much? VE table inaccuracies will also affect fuel trims. To setup a wide band I recommend displaying raw voltage in the table display. 22, which  Here is how to export the tables from HP Tuner, import them in to the Table 1 to 100 (default); Advanced Filters Tab - Use scan data from fuel trim cells 2, 3,  HP Tuners is an ECU tuning device. It comes with 6 credits in it i think. This is the VCM’s ability to make needed corrections over time to the Air Fuel Ratio by monitoring the vehicles stock O2 sensors. I am trying to transfer the fuel injector table from a more modern GM vehicle that uses these injectors over to my f-body tune. 5 to 12. As a Harley Davidson owner, you want a device that will promote the performance of your bike, and this article brings you the best autotuner units that help you adjust air and fuel for better performance, higher HP and improved throttle response, for bikes that use fuel injection technology. This can literally save hours of wasted downer time, and we need to thank the HP tuners forum who found this table, as well as the HP tuner's engineers for incorporating it so quickly. hp tuners fuel table

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